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Who is RayRayzor?

RayRayzor is a roblox player who enjoys playing games. He has his own game, Script Events.

RayRayzor prefers to be called Ray, for short. Ray may seem as a ordinary person at times, but things go through his mind that accidentally slip out. Things like, "He doesn't like it when you ask him questions..." can be seen on his profile. Ray is a ordinary person who is amazing.

Some say he is planning something big.. but nobody knows what it is. Everyone believes that Ray is a wonderful person who has nothing at all to hide.

Ray has 1 sister, and 2 brothers. The sister being the youngest, and most playful, Holly.

The ages of the 3 brothers, Ray, Josiah, and Kyle are still unknown.


Ray is a ordinary person with 1 sister, and 2 brothers. Ray is known for being edgy at times, yet still a playful person.

Ray loves Diet Pepsi.






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